About me

Im Dexter (SPNDEX)

I’m a 24
year old multidisciplinary visual artist.
I was born in Arnhem and currently work and live in Utrecht, where I also graduated in animation at HKU in 2022.
I make dynamic and experimental work that focuses on imagination, relatability, and raw emotion.
In my work I mix humor and naivety with explicit imagery and LGBT thematics.
My main passion lies in illustration and animation using a mix of traditional and digital media.
But I like to dabble and experiment in visual art of any kind, including printmaking, comics, film, and performance.
As a transgender person of colour, I make edgy, underground work for the underdogs. I take inspiration from the city, queer culture and nightlife, my friends, internet culture, and early 2000’s cartoons, to show worlds, stories and people that remain hidden in most mainstream media.